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Background of Katherine Bliss-Jones

After I completed my formal education in art, I enrolled in a variety of traditional beautician studies where I learned the basics necessary for the care and promotion of physical beauty. After working in traditional beauty salons for some time I realized that stress was robbing many of my clients of the vitality necessary to permit their full beauty to be evident. I began using various forms of massage to relieve that stress and, in the process, discovered my true calling.

Kit Bliss-JonesAddress Beauty is dedicated to helping achieve beauty in all aspects of life including the physical, mental, and spiritual realms. We believe that good health is an absolutely critical building block for physical beauty and that it is important to recognize the beauty that resides in all of us. To do so can have a profoundly beneficial impact on our lives.

If you will take a moment to look through the services that we offer you will find all of the normal services of a traditional facial salon complimented by a variety of other services designed to deal with issues of beauty that lie below the surface of our skin. In our mind true beauty is not skin deep. Come to us for a simple pedicure, manicure, or facial treatment or ask us about what our other services might do for you.